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Long Beach Sand Band with a Wave

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This sand inspired texture sparkles and a natural way just the way the sand does when the sun hits it! This one has an irregular, wavy edge which is fun to wear and gives it a more unique look. It makes a great just-because ring, or a lovely wedding band.

  • width varying from 5mm to 6mm
  • approximately 1.5 to 2mm thick
  • Shown in sterling silver and in 14k gold in a set, but can be made in any karat of gold as well.
  • Each one is individually handmade to order, so each will be one of a kind and equipped with its own nuances
  • Individually handmade to order, please allow approximately 6 weeks for production¬†

We are now offering some designs in 10k gold because of raising gold prices. Please consider purchasing 14k or higher for heirloom quality wedding rings.

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