Covid Bling is a Thing!

As we come up on a  year anniversary of things getting shut down due to Covid, I’m sure we are all reflecting on the journey we’ve gone on both individually and collectively. I am confident we have all had moments (some long moments maybe) of a little more anxiety than we were used to. I thought I would share a bit about my reflections and how the pandemic has effected our business.

Last March, to be entirely honest, I thought I was done for... most weddings were cancelled, Carla, my studio manager, was stuck in Australia, my kids were getting homeschooled while my husband and I awkwardly tried to work from home. I was planting crops of kale and blueberries with the ridiculous notion that it would save us from ever having to leave the house.

Then something happened... I got busy and got creative. I wasn’t as busy with my usual wedding ring business (although I did get to work on some special wedding bands over the past year), I was busy with sentimental and thoughtful pieces that often times people were choosing for themselves. I found many people connected with my designs this year because it reminded them of a special place, person, or time in their life that they wanted to commemorate and hold close. The beautiful stories that clients messaged me about what the designs meant to them were so incredibly moving and helped me to feel connected. I will be forever grateful for that connection and the inspiration it brought.

So in these strange times, I like to think of us safe at home, in our oversized sweatpants (or is that just me?) rocking all our sentimental sparkles that remind us we are connected. And I think... hopefully... we will all see each other again soon.

heirloom sapphires and diamonds used in the celestial design  

Made in memory of my client's grandma setting her stones into a celestial design. 

blue sapphire sunrise band in 10k yellow gold

 A 40th birthday gift from a group of thoughtful girlfriends.

celestial green sapphire ring with custom stacking on either side

Stacking rings celebrating three generations of women featuring opals, diamonds and a green sapphire.

blue & green sapphires set in a mermaid treasure band in 14k yellow gold

A thoughtful gift from a daughter to her mom.  

lilac mermaid treasure ring in 14k yellow gold

 Bought in memory of a much loved grandma who loved this colour and lived by the sea. 


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