Experience a jewellery-design process that’s fun, meaningful, and truly unique to you and your vision

Designing custom pieces has always been one of my favourite and most rewarding services to offer. I love the thought of holding your wishes and intentions throughout the design process to create something completely and authentically “yours”.

I have an initial questionnaire on my website to start the process and from there I am happy to meet for a complimentary design consultation via FaceTime/Zoom or in our Oak Bay Studio.  We are also happy to work back and forth via email. 

During your consultation, we will explore what kind of piece you are looking for, your budget, time frame, options for design, metal and stones.

The personal aesthetic and vision of my clients is central to my custom work. I welcome you to send photos or sketches of your ideas, engaging with the design process as much as you wish. I am happy to be inspired by elements or the mood from your photos, but please note that for ethical reasons I will not copy another designer’s work. 

Don’t have a clear idea of what you’re looking for? No problem! I’ll help you clarify your vision through asking specific questions, showing examples, and explaining the attributes of different materials, setting styles, textures and finishes.

Any sketches of design concepts we come up with during our consultation can be emailed to you to review and offer more input until we have a design you are excited about.

If you wish to proceed with the project, we do collect a non-refundable $400.00 deposit at this time which allows us to invest the considerable time commitment that goes into the initial phase of custom design. This deposit will go towards the piece. We then source stone if applicable, and hand carve a wax mockup for you to review before we proceed with casting the design in gold. Changes can still be made in the wax phase so please offer any input at this time, as this will be the last opportunity to make changes to the design. Before casting or ordering stones, we do take a 60% deposit minus the $400.00 already paid. Occasionally designs are hand fabricated in metal which doesn't afford for the opportunity to see a wax mockup.  

When your piece is ready for you, we will let you know right away. We will send through the final invoice that can be paid in advance or upon in-person pickup. We do require payment within 3 weeks of completion. 


Heirloom Re-Design

Some of the most poignant and sentimental pieces I have created were made by re-using elements from my client's past jewellery. Whether it is making use of unworn pieces sitting in your jewellery box, or a family heirloom that doesn't quite fit your personal style- I am happy to chat options and ideas! 

We need to review the suitability of your pieces before committing to a design. Strong stones like diamonds, sapphires and rubies often make good candidates for re-design. Softer or damaged stones are not suitable for the redesign process. We occasionally are able to use your metal in the new design if you have good quality yellow gold. Please note that using your components may not offer significant cost savings, as the process is usually more time consuming. If applicable, we can use your old gold (no matter the carat or colour) at scrap gold pricing towards the cost of your ring. This gold would be refined and recycled.

Just For You

We offer a selection of made to order designs! Yours will be individually handmade just for you, so each will be equipped with it's own subtle nuances making it one of a kind. This also allows you the opportunity to contact me in advance if one of these designs is almost perfect for you, but you would like to explore subtle modifications. Things like texture, width, and stone can often be adjusted. This option is more cost effective and likely a bit faster than the in-depth custom process. 


Our prices are dictated by the cost of materials combined with the time that goes into the piece. We are not able to give an exact quote for your design prior to deposit, stone sourcing, and wax model carving. That being said, we are happy to work within budgets and will advise material and design choices and modifications to make your budget work. Our typical custom pieces fall between $1500.00-$4000.00. However simple designs in sterling silver may start around $500.00. The most economical pricing would be for our ready to ship items, followed by the made-to-order designs, then the full custom experience.  Please note that our pricing doesn't include shipping on custom work.  If you would like to account for shipping in your pricing, please let us know in advance including your shipping address and we can add it to your estimate. 



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