General Questions 

Can I drop by the studio?    We are an active studio where the pieces are made, so only a portion of our time can be allocated for meetings and consultations.  We are in the studio Monday through Thursday, 9.30am - 5.30pm by appointment only.  

Do you do repairs?  Please don't hesitate to contact Emma Glover Design directly for how to proceed with any repairs, questions or concerns.  I offer a warranty on the craftsmanship, which covers workmanship defects for one year from the purchase date.  This does not include damage from daily wear and tear, accidental damage or the loss of stones.  I only carry out repairs on my own designs.  

Do you offer appraisals on your jewellery?  Yes, upon request.  I do strongly suggest having your pieces appraised for insurance purposes.  The cost of gold fluctuates and the appraisal will allow you to have the equivalent to your original piece even if the price has increased.   I'm happy to have a third party provide GIA certified appraisals.  There would be a small additional cost and approximately a week or two turnaround time.  

I found a ring online, can you replicate it?  No, ethically I would love you to support the designer.  However, I'm happy to be influenced by the layout, stone colour or elements of the design you've seen to create something unique for you. 

Where are materials sourced?  All over, but thoughtfully and carefully.  I use Canadian companies for supplying metal, much of which would be refined from past pieces.  My stones are sourced from carefully chosen ethical suppliers that I have built and continue to build amazing relationships with.  The diamonds I use must follow the kimberley process.  

What materials do you work in?  I find that I mostly work in solid gold.  I like to use stronger stones that will stand up to daily wear and tear like diamonds and sapphires.  I always have a collection available in silver.

Custom Redesign 

I don't live in Victoria; can I create a custom piece remotely?  Yes!  We can discuss design ideas over the phone or via zoom.  We can work through email with pictures and videos while the piece is in progress.  

Can you make new pieces from my unworn jewellery?  These have been some of my favourite and most rewarding projects, but doing it isn't always as logistically straightforward as you might think.  It is always safest to use stronger gemstones like diamonds, rubies and sapphires, but I have also had wonderful results with softer gemstones too.  If you are hoping to melt down gold, I only use yellow gold upon approval.  White gold is nickel alloyed and rhodium plated and may become porous, brittle and prone to cracking while reworking or casting.  I have written a blog about the process in more detail, and you can read about it here Reusing Old Gold To Make New Jewelry – Emma Glover Designs

How do I ship my gemstones or jewellery to you?  We recommend using Canada Xpress Post with signature and tracking to send your pieces.  Please check in before posting to make sure that we are in the studio to receive it. 

What are your payment terms for custom pieces?  If you decide to move forward with the project we charge a $400 non-refundable design deposit, which will be applied towards the final cost.  Many of my designs can be hand carved in wax before they are made in gold, which gives you the opportunity to see in three dimensions the shape, scale and texture of your piece before it's finished.  Once you are completely happy with the wax mock up or concept sketch, a 60% deposit of the estimated finished price will be due before the work begins in metal.  This payment will include the $400 design fee.  When your piece is complete the remaining 40% will due before shipping or pickup. 


Can you resize ready to ship rings?  I can usually size up or down a couple of sizes on my one of a kind gold rings.  Some of my silver one of kind rings aren't sizeable so please contact us for more information.  

How do I find out my ring size?  We recommend going to your nearest jewellery store to get professionally sized.  If possible, please specify if you are purchasing a wide band as this may affect the size of the band.  We understand it may be tricky to get into a jewellery store, so we would be happy to send you a ring sizer.  Contact us for more details.  

Is there a cost associated with sizing? If a ring is custom made or made to order for you in a particular size, there would be small cost associated with adjusting the size after. We don’t profit, but do cover our time and materials with this cost.


I don't live in Canada, do you ship internationally?  Yes, we ship internationally. The cost of shipping depends on the price of the piece and insurance.  Please email further information on shipping options. 

Do you cover customs fees?  Unfortunately, we do not cover customs fees and taxes incurred by importing our jewellery.  The customer is responsible for any duties and taxes for your region. 


How do I care for my Jewellery?

All metals and stones:

  • Avoid exposure to chemicals or harsh cleaners, as they could breakdown the metal or stones overtime
  • Avoid drops or heavy blows. If your piece does endure a drop, please have your stone settings checked for security
  • Clean with warm water and a mild soap and behind stones with a soft brush
  • Store separately to avoid scratches
  • Avoid contact with moisture
  • Gently polish any oxidation that occurs with a soft silver polishing cloth