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The why

Art has the ability to shed light on subjects in a less than literal way. A way that kind of grabs your heart or makes you have a lump in your throat, and you don’t always know why. I love that! I love experiencing it through other’s art, and I love putting my heart into what I make, and occasionally getting to experience other’s being moved by it is the most fulfilling feeling. I also have always felt that art has the power to bring together community and if even a small way, I can use what I make to bring community together to make ripples of change… well, that is my dream come true. 

I have been wanting to do something in honour of Truth and Reconciliation Day for a couple years now with my art and our community. It is a hard one to know where to start because there are so many wonderful indigenous owned organizations to support, that are either bringing much needed awareness and education or doing fabulous things to support and strengthen the cultures of this beautiful land we are thankful to be living and working on. When I heard that the Cowichan Nation Youth Centre has tragically lost their building and are in need of another one my heart jumped into my throat, and I wanted to help. I’m hoping maybe you do too. I have been in touch with them and here is a bit about what they shared with me and why the Community Centre is so amazing and so important:

“Our Youth Centre serves to provide a fun, safe, cultural and educational space for youth ages 12-18. We also provide after school programs for youth ages 7-11 which is often a gap for support programs. 

Our Youth Centre Team works on values, belonging, community and leadership skills with our young men and young women. 

Our Youth Council works on events to plan for their peers in community such as sports tournaments, youth dances and conference. We also have a Youth and Recreation Committee works to support our youth with funding so they can participate in sports and recreation.

We have been without a Youth Centre home for a couple of years now, our Team has done an incredible job and supporting our Youth during the Pandemic in so many creative ways to keep the connection going.”

My birthday is the 25th of September and I have had the tradition of making myself a little something each year… this year I wanted to gift it instead! I designed two ring settings for a stunning orange sapphire. We will sell raffle tickets on our website to have the design of your choice, in your size, cast in your choice of silver or solid 10k gold! All the funds raised will go directly to the Cowichan Nation Youth Centre. 


The Raffle

I am collecting donations on my website until September 30th towards the Cowichan Community Centre. All credit card processing and website fees will be paid by me, so your entire donation will go directly to them. 

For every $20.00 donation, your name will be entered to win one of the ring designs to be cast in the size of your choice, as well as your choice of metal between 10k solid yellow gold and solid sterling silver. 

About the designs

I chose the orange sapphire in honour of Every Child Matters. Orange sapphire is also said to represent joy, community and friendship, and I love the idea of setting those intentions in the piece and the desire for holding those values in our collective future. One of the designs is a sunrise, as a symbol of optimism for the future. The other design is one of my Mermaid Treasure designs, which is inspired by nature here on the West Coast. 




If you are still here reading, thank you! Whether you contribute yourself, pass this opportunity along to a friend, or just send us well wishes we are beyond grateful! 


We were able to raise $5000 for the Cowichan Nation Youth Centre! 

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Emma!! This is so beautiful and such a generous offering! Love you

Amanda Butler September 29, 2022

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