Salt and pepper makes everything more delicious... especially diamonds!

If you follow my work, you might notice that I have a soft spot in my heart for unique and one of a kind treasures. I love that we are all unique and one of a kind, as are all objects in nature... so why would we want to have a cookie cutter diamond ring the same as everyone else in the mall? Well, I wouldn’t. One of my favourite parts of salt and pepper diamonds is that no two are the same.
half moon salt & pepper diamond with adjacent diamond set in 14k yellow gold     salt & pepper diamond set in rose gold
Diamonds are created by compressed Carbon and while they are under the extreme pressure inclusions within the diamonds are created. The inclusions can appear as black, grey or white specs, cloudy patches or feathery lines. Most, even traditional white diamonds, have at least some  subtle inclusions but sometimes they aren’t visible with the naked eye. With salt and pepper diamonds they are very visible and they create stunning, unique scenes within each stone. Like tiny sparkly galaxies... yes please!
salt & pepper rosecut diamond set in 14k yellow gold, coastal droplet ring      rustic salt & pepper diamond alternative bridal ring

Some salt and pepper diamonds have more of the darker inclusions, making the overall look of them darker and moodier. Some have more light feathery inclusions making the diamond appear more grey and subtle (west coast stormy sky maybe?). Of course there is everything in between and lots of stunning cuts! So if you are dreaming of a piece that is unique and just for you , get in touch and we’ll find you your one of a kind diamond and make you a custom setting for it!


half moon salt & pepper diamond surrounded but an array of diamonds

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