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This year one of my dearest life-long friends was diagnosed with lung cancer. Krystal has always had a vibrantly positive attitude to life and an inner strength that makes anything feel possible and made the shy young version of me feel safe and seen. She has been battling this horrible disease with grace and never ceases to amaze and inspire all that know her, but it is hard. 

Krystal’s biggest passion is dogs. The number of dogs that she advocated for, helped or rescued from being euthanized over the years is countless.   Since getting sick, Krystal was concerned for the health and well being of her 3 lovely fur boys, and her 1 lovely fur girl. Krystal’s mom contacted me a couple of weeks ago with the idea to raise funds to help with the veterinary bills and I jumped at the chance. All the proceeds from these pendants will go directly towards veterinary bills for her rescues. 

I am hoping more folks outside our friend circle might connect with the pendant as well. They were carved in gratitude of our breath. I imagined my beloved friend taking deep nourishing breaths as I carved. Wishing all of you deep, nourishing breaths too. 

Thank you for your support. 

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