This collection is inspired by the effects the cosmos have on all of us. How we are part of nature and the sun, moon and stars move us like ocean tides. 
The sun and moon have always inspired me and past designs will be referenced in this collection in new ways, but spending time exploring the connectedness we feel to the cosmos over a body of one-of-a-kind pieces each holding intentions of wonder, awe, and connectedness was and is a joy to work on. 
It is a true collaboration with Carla our studio manager, Ryan our caster and Sanae our bench jeweller, as this connectedness and how nature pulls at us to make shifts is something we felt deeply this season. Our chats about holding space for these cosmic pulls sent me on a bit of a creative tangent.   
The intention was to release it all in one "launch" for the supermoon, but in true small business style, our one-of-a-kind pieces are being individually hand-carved, cast and finished, so the collection will be trickling out onto our website in small groupings as we complete them.