Experience a jewellery-design process that’s fun, meaningful, and truly unique to you and your vision.

The personal aesthetic and vision of my clients is central to my custom work. I welcome you to send photos or sketches of your ideas, engaging with the design process as much as you wish.

Don’t have a clear idea of what you’re looking for? No problem! I’ll help you clarify your vision through asking specific questions, showing examples, and explaining the attributes of different materials, setting styles, textures and finishes.

Any sketches of design concepts we come up with during our consultation can be emailed to you to review and offer more input. When we have come up with a design you are excited about I hand carve a wax mock up, for you to review in pictures and video before we proceed with the design in gold.  Occasionally designs are hand fabricated in metal which doesn't afford for the opportunity to see a wax mockup.  

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